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Seminar Series: The Basics

Sailing and Boating Instructor, Rob MacLeod presents a series of boating / sailing seminars at a variety of venues. These ‘no-charge’ seminars are open to everyone interested in getting out on the water. Based on Sail Canada’s Learn to Cruise curriculum, Rob will present The Basics of learning to Sail, Cruise and Navigate. A sailor and boating instructor for 40 years, Rob is available to answer your questions as part of this seminar series.

Rob is author of Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills - the text for Learn to Sail: The Basics. Copies will be available for purchase at the seminars.

Learn to Sail: The Basics (For sail and power)

Based on Learn to Cruise, Rob will cover the basics of sailing a keel boat. Rob is author of Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills. The seminar will cover a number of topics from the Ashore Knowledge part of the Basic Cruising Standard, including:

Seminar 1

  • I Terms and Definitions – a quick overview of parts of the boat
  • II Gear and Equipment – a bit about required equipment
  • III Safety –hypothermia, cold water shock, CO2, and gases produced on a boat
  • IV Rules of the Road and Canadian Regulations –"there are no rights on a boat"

Seminar 2

  • V Weather –how to get reliable information and then trust your observations
  • VI Duties of the Skipper and Crew – "as skipper, you are responsible"
  • VII Seamanship – anchors, anchorages, immediate action to boating situations

Learn to Cruise: The Basics (For sail and power)

This seminar set is based on SC's Intermediate Cruising Standard. Whether sail or power, preparing for, planning and actually going cruising is a great way to combine boating with travel. If you think it is time to get your boat off the dock and go explore the world – near and far – then you will get a lot out of this 2-seminar series.

Seminar 1

  • I Cruise Planning Fuel, water, waste systems, appropriate personal clothing and safety gear, menu planning, spare engine parts and tools, going international
  • II Living Afloat & Boat Systems – The boat as a system: engine, water distribution systems, cooking systems, anchoring and sail systems

Seminar 2

  • III Weather   reports and sources
  • IV Seamanship Emergency and complete actions in emergency situations, Man Overboard (MOB), cruising with a dinghy, 

Learn to Navigate: The Basics (For sail and power)

This seminar set is based on SC's Basic Coastal Navigation Standard. Whether sail or power, preparing for cruising means knowing the basics of navigation   Where are we going, where are we now, what hazards lie in our path and how do we avoid them and get to where we are going.

Seminar 1

  • I Charts and Documentation Basic chart plotting (paper-based): Dead Reckoning (DR), Estimated Position (EP), Fix (Lines of Position (LOP), 2 and 3-bearing Fixes)

Seminar 2

  • II Canadian Aids to Navigation System (lateral, cardinal, special buoys; and daybeacons), the Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW), Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands (BVIs), navigating in currents and tides

Seminar 3

  • III Tides and Currents, Introduction to electronic navigation equipment, planning and execution