Who is InformedBoater.com Ltd.?

InformedBoater.com Ltd. was founded by Rob MacLeod in 2008 as a way to produce and distribute instructional boating videos. Rob has been teaching sailing and boating since 1975 and has developed a number of books and instructional videos over the past four decades.

As a Canadian Yachting Association Instruction Evaluator (1978 to 1990) and the first Technical Director of the American Sailing Association (1983 to 1984), Rob was instrumental in the development of boating instruction in North America.

Rob has written 4 books: Sailing Fundamentals (ASA 1984), Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills (1985 and 2013), Intermediate Sailing and Cruising Skills (1987) and Coastal Navigation Skills (1989) and co-hosted 2 television series (6 shows each) – “Set Your Sails” and “Learn to Navigate” for TVOntario and PBS.

Boater, author, speaker and
boating videographer, Rob MacLeod

What does InformedBoater.com do?

InformedBoater.com develops and distributes instruction boating videos. Initally, InformedBoater produced single subject videos for on sailing and boating. These original videos are availble for viewing on this site under the heading Boating Videos. Power boat handling videos are available from Boating with the Dawsons.

New for 2019

No-charge seminars at Port Whitby Marina

New for 2013

InformedBoater.com re-launched Rob's 1985 learn to sail book "Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills" in two formats - print and ePub.

The reader/learner's experience will come to life as aspects of learning to sail are supplemented with video added to the text and images of the book. Rob has revised and updated all of the images in the book to reflect the fact that today's sailor is starting out on larger boats - 30 to 40 feet. Larger boats have more power, more momentum and have more complex rigging and systems compared to the learning boats of only a decade ago.

Rob will continue to add and update videos to the book and purchasers will have have complete access to this new material as it is published.

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