Course Description

Learn to Sail: The Basics

In 9 Lessons - from the Introduction to the Next Steps, you will:

  • Learn the language of sailing - the terms necessary to communicate effectively on a boat
  • Know the equipment required on a 22 to 26 foot sailboat and how to use it
  • Be able to describe what makes a sailboat go (the physics of sailing) and how to get the boat to stop
  • Learn how to stay safe from the elements – the sun and cold water
  • Be able to obtain and understand weather for day sailing to make sure it is safe to go out on the water
  • Understand the rules of the road that keep boats from colliding and how to avoid dangerous situations

All of this is covered in 51 individual video lessons spanning more than 2.5 hours taught by Rob MacLeod, a certified sailing instructor who has taught 1000s of people to sail across North America and throughout the Caribbean.

Each of the 9 lessons has a PDF download to augment your learning. These downloads contain detail of each lesson. Each lesson concludes with a quiz to allow you to confirm your knowledge.

Lesson 9 – Next Steps, directs you to where you can gain the on water experience that will allow you to put Learn to Sail: The Basics into practice.

This course is based on the learn-to-sail standards of numerous national sailing associations (listed in the handout for Lesson 9) and will prepare you to take the practical aspects of sailing at a sailing school, yacht club or with a competent friend.

If you have every dreamed of leaving the dock on a sailboat - Learn to Sail: The Basics is your best start.

Sailing Instructor

Rob MacLeod

Course curriculum