Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills (BSCS) - Support Videos 

Welcome to the video files for Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills: Handling a Larger Sailboat Under Power and Sail

This page provides videos to support the 2013 edition of Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills (BSCS). We are in the process of updating the videos and will be adding new versions as we complete them. Please bookmark this page and return often. Below you will see a list of videos that are supplemental to each chapter.

Each video contains detailed information about one aspect of mastering the knowledge and skills of sailing, it is incomplete without the book. Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills. Updated 20181024.

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Ashore Knowledge

Chapter One - Terminology   

The Boat



Chapter Two - Gear and Equipment  



Chapter Three - Safety 

Chapter Four - Rules of the Road 

COLREGS - Rules of the Road

Rules Under Sail

Rules Under Power

Chapter Five - Weather 

Chapter Six - Duties of the Skipper and Crew  

Chapter Seven - Seamanship  

Afloat Skills

Lesson One - Handling Under Power  

Motoring Drills

Docking Drills

Lesson Two - Handling Under Sail  

Knots - Bowline and Figure 8  

Exercises - Raising Sails

Sailing on the Mainsail

Lesson Three - Boat Handling - Sailing Better 

Lesson Four - Triangle Course and Man Overboard   

Lesson Five - Heaving To and Reefing  

Lesson Six - Putting It All Together